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A Holly and Ivy Affair
(Home for the Holidays, Book )

When all else fails, sometimes it's up to fate to arrange a romance.

It's Boxing Day as well as his ducal parents' wedding anniversary, and Graham Ivy—Lord Bonham—is stuck at a Christmastide house party. He hasn't been bothered with settling down or finding a bride, for he's had too much fun playing the rogue in London, but when a mysterious, pretty, stranger arrives at Ivy Castle during a celebration ball, he might just change his mind.

Miss Arabella Holly is in a spot of bother. Her travelling coach broke a wheel on the muddy roads, and in desperate need of assistance, she walks a few miles until she reaches the Duke of Whittington's doorstep. Surely the occupants of the castle will assist in her quest to flee the clutches of a horrible man who wishes to claim her hand in marriage thanks to her father losing everything at the gaming tables.

A series of events that smack of intrigue or a bit of theatric fiction worthy of Drury Lane catches Graham and Arabella up in its vortex. Staying two steps ahead of the lecherous lord who wants to take her away provides thrills but falling tip over tail into love at first sight is much more exciting. As the Holly and Ivy affair comes to a head, Graham offers the ultimate way to fix the problem, much to the shock and delight of his whole family.