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Three Mistletoe Kisses
(Home for the Holidays, Book )

Christmastide brings about nostalgia as well as romance, even if it didn't work the first time.

Stephen Alexander Ivy—Viscount Tilbury—has no interest in finding romance again, especially during a Christmastide house party his parents have thrown at Ivy Castle. Being jilted years ago sent wounds deep into his heart, so he's content to watch the antics of his siblings with a hearty dose of sarcastic skepticism… and envy.

Widow Lynette Hodgins—daughter of a baron whose property neighbors Ivy Castle—is back in the Warwickshire countryside to help save her mother from becoming so destitute that she'll lose the family home—Birch House. It's the last thing she wants to, for after her husband died, she's been existing merely for the good of her son… and she certainly doesn't wish to see the man she left all those years ago.

However, fate has a way of picking at past wounds. When both Stephen and Lynette are thrown together through holiday events, sparks thought long dead flare anew. The hope of a family captures his notices, and he sets out to woo her vowing that with three mistletoe kisses he can win her permanently this time. But Lynette is stubborn, so if the pair wishes to grasp a second chance at romance, they'll have to hope the magic of the season will send a miracle... and understanding.