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The Folly of Caroling
(Home for the Holidays, Book )

When two people are too shy to give romance a chance, a little ducal interference is needed.

It's Christmastide, and Griffin Ivy, Earl of Hollingsworth, has been summoned by his ducal parents to Ivy Castle, a monstrosity of an estate deep in the heart of Warwickshire County. He's terrified of taking the title of duke soon, and instead of mingling with society, he'd rather bury himself in books or walk the acreage, for then anxiety can't touch him... until he meets his father's nurse, Nora.

When Miss Nora Ridley is told to draw the earl out of his shell during the holiday season so he'll feel more comfortable at social events, she balks at the odd request. Not only would it mean she'd need to circulate within the duke's family in public, but the order also comes with a borrowed wardrobe making her into someone she isn't... but then she meets Griffin and her perspective changes.

They're both ill-at-ease within company, but Ivy Castle is big enough to provide a respite from responsibilities and an opportunity for quiet talking. As they're pushed into traditional holiday activities and entertainments, an unlikely and surprising romance blooms between them. The magic of Christmastide helps to usher in love, but a little white lie and societal differences threaten to tear the couple apart... unless they both take a leap of faith together.