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Embellished in Mauve
(Colors of Scandal, Book 7)

Never trust a man in a kilt with mischief in his eyes.

Lady Cecilia Holmes is in Scotland with her family to attend a wedding, but she'd rather be in London nursing the forgotten segments of society. While her father and brothers are chasing red stag, she sets off on a hike and is immediately lost in the Highlands. Though she's rather adept at being alone, when a handsome man and his dog interrupts her solitude, her interest in him is caught. Perhaps being consigned to a drafty old castle for six weeks won't be so bad.

Mathias Stahley, the Earl of Huxington wishes to be in London arguing cases as a barrister, for he's more effective helping the less fortunate in that role than working for his title. The last thing he wants to do is attend his cousin's wedding, in the wilds of Scotland no less. While taking a walk through the rugged countryside, he stumbles upon a woman with windblown curls who immediately makes him wonder if his vow to never marry is wrong.

The days are filled with social events, but Cecilia and Mathias make time to slip away and explore the beautiful countryside and perhaps indulge in a bit of scandal. As romance and desire blooms, circumstances beyond their control lead to a forced betrothal, creating an emotional rift between them. Obstacles and familial opposition will either tear them apart or they'll find something infinitely more satisfying and enduring amidst the magic of the Highlands.