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Graced in Scarlet
(Colors of Scandal, Book 5)

Finding love on Valentine’s Day is an impossible feat without a little scandal to start things off.

It's the year 1819, and as Valentine's Day approaches, Lady Grace Norrington is still unwed at nearly thirty. Tired of the pitying glances, she means to have a husband before her upcoming birthday by hook or by crook, and she's expected to make a good ton match. Except all her plans are thwarted by the handsome new butler and her disturbing attraction for him.

Mr. Harrison Conrad's livelihood wins him respect in whatever household he manages. His references are impeccable, as are his manners and sense of duty, and he takes his position as seriously as the rules. What he doesn't need is scandal in the form of an enchanting daughter of the house, who is bound to fall in trouble and take him with her, especially if he can't control his budding awareness of her.

As the annual Valentine's Day birthday masquerade approaches, an ill-advised and equally illicit romance springs between Grace and Harrison. While she's curious and determined, he's cautious and wondering, but neither can ignore the heat or desire between them. When a premature unmasking goes awry and scandal is the order of the night, they'll both have to decide what's more valuable—reputation, status, or love.