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Caught with a Stolen Diamond
(Thieves of the Ton, Book 5)

Jewels and treasures hold no worth when held against the lives of loved ones.

Though thrilled to adventure again, the Countess of Archewyne worries their unexpected trip to India will delay her first official mission as a new king’s agent. But when Emmaline is told she and her husband will trade a priceless diamond for the kidnapped daughter of a marquess, she’s willing to make the sacrifice. Too bad no one knows exactly where the sought-after jewel is.

Miles Lawrence Hawkins, the fifth Earl of Archewyne, is looking forward to being out in the field again and away from the ton. Defending England’s interests from nefarious blackhearts is one of his favorite ways to spend time. But when he and his beloved wife embark on a fool’s mission to steal the Third Eye of Shiva and they stumble upon troubling clues from his past during their arduous journey across the world, he can’t help but think there should be a limit on men who wish his country ill.

As Emmaline and Miles are introduced to the exotic life behind an Indian prince’s palace walls, things aren’t what they seem. A bid for power reveals who truly controls the area while an insidious lie puts them both in danger. As peril dogs their steps and desperation fuels their actions, they must use every wile and skill they have in order to survive. For the sake of their little family and their own romance, they will give it their all. What else besides king, country and love is worth the fight?