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Stories of a Naughty Duchess
(Standalone, Book )

A lonely woman trapped in a loveless marriage. Wed for twenty years to a cruel man, the Duchess of Essex yearns for love. At the age of forty, Anne wants excitement, wishes to remind herself she’s still a vital woman. When she enlists the services of a known rogue to bed her, she has no idea he’ll change her life.

A scarred war hero searching for acceptance. Captain Andrews lives on the outskirts of polite society. People avoid him, consider him a monster since he lost an arm in the War of 1812. Women only want him for his skill in the bedroom, but Tobias wants something permanent. Fulfilling carnal needs with the duchess is heady, yet the more time he spends in her company, the more he wishes for what he can’t have.

Two broken people finding solace in each other’s arms. As Anne’s relationship deepens with Tobias and love blooms, the duke retaliates against them both in a violent way that threatens the fragile, secret joy they’ve found together. Life can be harsh within the ton, but sometimes fate takes a hand and happy endings can be grasped if love is patient and perseveres.

Trigger Warning: Some of the content found in this book may be triggering and/or sensitive to some readers. Sexual violence, sexual assault, physical violence/abuse, and/or attempted rape/abuse might be some of the topics mentioned within the pages and could illicit a strong or potentially harmful emotional response. Read with caution.