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Bedded by the Devil of Derbyshire
(Standalone, Book )

Consorting with the devil has never been so sweet.

Vicar’s daughter, Patricia Westing has been willingly seduced by the Devil of Derbyshire. Her fall from grace leads her from the English countryside to America and back. Finally, penniless disowned and heartsick, she returns to Audley Hall in the hopes of saying goodbye to the one man who commands her body and owns her heart, for she refuses to be his mistress and he hasn’t offered her more.

Adam Bollingford, Baron Audley, truly is the devil the rumor-mongers say. Though his lust for the vicar’s daughter is all-consuming, he cannot survive the obsession any longer. He’s chased Patricia to America where she ended his pursuit, and he’s had no recourse except to drown his bitter disappointment in his cups. Yet, when she appears at his door, the urge to possess her destroys him. Once again she proves too stubborn to agree to his terms of keeping her in his life.

Desire and need collide during one final carnal meeting, but this bedding is different. Emotions drive the coupling, but who will break first? If the affair is to survive past the scandal, someone will need to utter the all-important words—of love—for that’s exactly what they’ve both tumbled into.