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The Cradle Maker
(Standalone, Book )

When carnal meetings mix with gentle acceptance, love will find a way.

Dalton Comstock is a talented craftsman. He creates cradles for infants belonging to powerful members of the ton. It strokes his ego that his work is accepted in households where he is not due to his horribly scarred face and the fact he labors by choice, but when he meets a pretty servant, passion fights for dominance with his carving skill.

Leah Beckett is a maid in the Duke of Ainesworth’s household. She’s been tasked with keeping the cradle maker happy while he toils, yet once she meets the disfigured man, she falls for his charm. Her widowed state has left her longing for a man’s touch and her empty arms make her wish for a babe to fill them. Watching the cradle maker at his craft is bittersweet.

As the cradle takes shape, desire and need burn hot between Dalton and Leah, but their time is limited. Once the commission is over, so will their association end unless they admit their fears and fight for love.