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Bedroom Assignation
(Scandalous Shorts, Book 2)

Vanessa Underhill ended her runaway bride days by marrying the disfigured Viscount Blackthorn just over a month ago. Still firmly in the honeymoon phase, she’s in desperate need for her husband’s attention—except her parents are underfoot on an endless visit.

Collin is enamored with his wife and while he can’t help the uninvited house guests, he can make sure he keeps his new bride satisfied in their chambers. How fortuitous she’s already started the festivities and is on the verge of coming undone.

Since their union occurred on the wings of scandal, it’s only right they continue the tradition. When erotic pleasure soars, Collin encourages his bride to make all the noise she wants. Perhaps that will dislodge their guests and let the couple enjoy the secret knowledge Vanessa needs to impart.

Warning: at 5K words, this is a short story. For longer novels, please browse the Scandal in Surrey collection.