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Captured By The Dragon
(Eight Realms, Book 3)

Extinction, fear and prejudice? Bring it on. Fighting for what’s right is always the answer.

Mona Moussai is on the run—from her family, from a dragon and from herself. She wants nothing more than to stay in the Mortal Realm and live a normal life, yet when she tangles with a shape-shifting attorney bent on her capture, instinct demands she hide. However, the secrets buried deep inside could have deadly consequences.

Braeden Hollister has long ago made peace with his dragon heritage, but he refuses to live it. He's a man with many vices, always putting himself first—the ultimate anti-hero—and when the opportunity to drag Mona to the Moussai Realm for a bounty presents itself, he can't resist the glitter of gold.

What happens next is a foray into a backward realm ala the Regency-era where dragons not only exist, but they're intent on ruling the realm and restoring power. Personal agendas are forgotten, battle lines are drawn in a world where familial ties strangle and old foes resurface. Political angst explodes all around them. In the end, only the strong will survive to live, and love, another day.