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An Intriguing Springtime Engagement
(Mary and Bright, Book 2)

Is it even an engagement unless a dead body is involved?

It's been four months since Mary Tomlinson solved her first murder as well as entered into a passionate affair with her handsome, mysterious Bow Street inspector. Though she's enjoyed herself hugely, she wonders where the relationship is heading. Surely, she can't remain his mistress forever even if the bed sport is quite satisfying. There has to be... more to life.

Inspector Gabriel Bright is a man on a mission. Old enough to know what he wants from his existence, he's invited the widow to accompany him to a tea café in a relatively quiet section of London for the specific purpose of asking for her hand. However, during the course of uttering that all-important question, their romance is interrupted with the news of a murder just down the street.

Once more Mary and Bright are on the case, for apparently someone has killed a popular butcher's wife, but shortly into the investigation, they discover it's no ordinary homicide. The murderer has left a gristly calling card of sorts and it's connected to Bright's past. If the case isn't solved in time, it could have dire consequences for their brand-new engagement as well as terminate the romance that's barely put down roots.