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When the Rogue Fell
(Diamonds of London, Book 5)

Love can heal all wounds... if the demons of the past stay buried.

The Honorable Hugh Ridgeway is the third son of an earl, but he’s made a complete wreck of his life and hasn’t cared about his reputation despite having a nearly grown daughter to care for. After never aspiring to be anything other than a wastrel, a case of ennui strikes, but when he meets a woman who refuses to fall for his charm and good looks, he might need to change his approach—on everything. At the very least, perhaps she’ll have some advice.

A former Diamond of the First Water, Miss Felicity Hixton has been disappointed by life in seemingly every way, so she’s hidden behind a wall of prickles. No more will she offer her heart to a man, for she’s done being hurt. Yet when a conversation with Mr. Ridgeway regarding launching his daughter into society becomes what the beau monde considers a compromising situation with one of London’s most notorious rogues, she is shoved into a complicated coil.

When exasperated parents demand an engagement, the pair has no choice but to spend February days in forced proximity. Finding common ground with her heart locked away behind thorns and a less than a respectable life on Hugh’s part seems an impossible task, but if one of them takes the first step toward understanding and chance, new avenues will open. Only then can the obstacles in their path lead to a love neither of them expected...

... and when a rogue falls, it might be the most wonderful antidote to long winter nights.