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Library Tryst
(Scandalous Shorts, Book 1)

It's been a month since Maggie, Lady Parker, met Stephen Tarkington then proceeded to tumble headlong into scandal. On the evening of a dinner party, she's vexed due to a misplaced fan. Though she's madly in love with her fiancé, she's been too busy to be with him as much as she'd like.

Stephen adores Maggie. He can't wait until they're joined in wedded bliss and has just the thing to calm nerves frazzled from wedding planning and playing hostess—a library tryst. He steals her fan then entices her into the room a mere hour before her guests are due to arrive.

Erotic delights occur once clothing is shed and kisses land in places that are rather scandalous and entirely satisfying.

Warning: at 5K words, this is a short story. For longer novels, please browse the Scandal in Surrey collection