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Bedeviling Major Kenton
(Willful Winterbournes, Book 5)

When hope in love is lost, fate intervenes... Lady Beatrice Ashdowne-Delacourte has been devastated by the news of her mother’s infidelity. Since London is abuzz with half-truths about her real father’s paternity, she wants nothing more than to get away and hide, so when the opportunity arises to escort her daughter to a midsummer house party in the Wiltshire countryside, she agrees with alacrity. Perhaps she might vicariously restore her faith in romance by watching the young people.

A man cannot be alone forever... Major Owen Kenton is suffering from a large case of ennui. A widower without purpose since an injury ended his military career, he wishes to recapture the magic of those glory days and be needed again, or have the time to take a nap. When his daughter decides to attend a house party in his son’s stead, he accompanies in the hopes of dancing a waltz himself… if a lady can look past the scars left behind by the war, for he misses that intimate connection.

Being lost in a hedge maze changes everything... When they both find themselves at the heart of the maze after a rout, the attraction simmering between them ignites into a scandalous coupling. Confessions and secrets follow that bring them closer, yet they want very different things from life that might prevent a romance. When an ill-advised horse race at the end of the party is conducted that has Owen’s life in peril, everything is suddenly thrown into sharp relief with heart-stopping detail. Only they can decide what they truly want from there.