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The Lyon's Redemption
(Lyon's Den, Book 2)

In need of redemption... Thomas Prestwick, Viscount of Ashbury, has left the thought of love and romance behind. Never again will he allow himself that vulnerability and has, instead, kept himself busy with various vices every fine gentleman of the beau monde indulges in. If only he’d stayed away from the tables at the famed Lyon’s Den gaming hell that night, he might not have been caught up in fate’s unfortunate web, which brought him face-to-face with the past.

In want of vengeance...Miss Olivia Rose Jameson wants nothing to do with men—whether related to her or not. With her parents dead and her worthless brother losing everything of value at the gambling tables, she’s incensed when her hand is bartered for his freedom. That complication will not help her cause of having revenge on the man who killed her best friend, until chance matches her with the object of her ire.

Forgiveness has a way of changing everything... With no choice but to wed at the order of the mysterious Mrs. Dove-Lyon, the pair ushers in the Christmastide season as a married couple. No matter that Ashbury’s heart is locked away and Olivia wishes to carve it from his chest, more than compassion and secrets are shared between the enemies-to-lovers one snowy evening in the viscount’s library. As desire gives way to romance, fate once more intervenes. For one terrible night, everything hangs in the balance, and nothing short of a miracle—or love—can save them.

Because doesn’t the house—and Mrs. Dove-Lyon—always win?