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Snowflakes for an Earl (a Regency Christmas romance)
(Standalone, Book )

At times, believing is more important than seeing in matters of love and snowflakes.

It's Christmastide 1817 and Miss Christiana Smythe, daughter of a squire, is not looking forward to the social obligations of the season. Wanting nothing more than to care for the area's sick and ailing animal population, doing the rounds in glittering ballrooms festooned with holiday finery makes her lightheaded. Yet it's a necessity to realizing the dream of love.

Evan Tennant, Earl of Stanton's priorities are to avoid dancing with women he doesn't know as well as to avoid match-making mamas. He'd much rather spend his time charting the stars in the hopes of catching a meteor shower, yet he has responsibilities to his title and his mother insists he find an eligible lady soon. Except he doesn't believe in romance or the magic of Christmastide.

Though she's a confirmed wallflower, Christiana's knack for helping animals throws her into the earl's path when his beloved beagle falls ill. Attraction as hot and bright as a comet's tail springs takes them both by surprise. Through a series of odd events, they're thrown together, and when kisses and dances edge them closer to love, they’ll both need a little push before they believes believe that fate knew best all along.