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Courting Lady Yeardly
(Willful Winterbournes, Book 3)

Betrayal’s ache is as painful as falling out of love... Gilbert Edmund Winterbourne—Lord Yeardly—has been separated from his wife for three years. Convinced his wife had an affair with his best friend shortly after he returned from India making his fortune, he hasn’t spent time with her until he and his siblings were summoned to the countryside for Midsummer festivities… and she’s there. Surely, he can’t still have feelings for her.

Healing from grief shouldn’t be left to the lonely... Madelene Winterbourne—Lady Yeardly—has agreed to see her in-laws against her better judgment. After suffering the loss of two pregnancies, she also mourned the break in her fledging marriage, for her estranged husband was adamant she’d strayed. Now he was here, and they have to put on an act, for the family assumes their marriage is strong and happy, but those initial emotions are still there.

Second chances have the potential to be much sweeter... Forced proximity means they’re forced to repair their tattered nuptial bond, as well as work through shared grief and dashed hopes. Secrets they both keep boil to the surface and clear the slate, leading to common ground and a surprising new courtship. Yet fear is a difficult demon to bury. The pair will need to grasp determination and trust to build a love that’s more powerful than everything else, for only then can they have the romance they’ve always wanted.