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An Unexpectedly Delicious Christmas
(Standalone, Book )

In 1890 Indianapolis, adventurous coitus isn’t exactly appropriate conversation for afternoon tea.

Yet, an exciting life in the bedroom is exactly what Chelsea wants desperately from her beau, Luther. Tired of society's strict conventions and his less than inspired fumblings in the boudoir, she devises a plan that is sure to bring his passions to the forefront.

But Luther harbors a dark secret of his own. A wolf-shifter by birth, he's compelled to shift at each full moon and fears if he shares the knowledge with Chelsea, she'll run in fear. What he doesn't count on is her matching his appetites in the bedroom, and it only heightens his control.

One long night of sexual play at a hotel during the Christmas season is all it takes to meet their needs, yet will the confidences they keep unravel their love or will they strengthen the relationship as fast as a little Victorian kink?