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The Family that Loved Me
(Unlikely Partners, Book 7)

Agent Kevin Herriman is finally marrying Carlie and life is perfect, but during a congenial game of paintball, someone fires at him with real bullets. When the engagement ring goes missing, he assumes coincidence. He ignores both incidents, until the shooter tries again in a public venue.

Carlie Noblett is beyond excited. It's her wedding weekend and she'll finally have her agent all to herself—no work, no cases, no crime. But when someone sends her a threat at her bachelorette party, she wonders. As little sabotages crop up as the weekend progresses, she panics. Is she strong enough for this life?

When an usher turns up dead, Kevin can't deny that murder is in play. The only thing he wants is to marry Carlie, but unless he can stay one step ahead of the killer, he'll wear his tux to his own funeral. Time's running out for love to conquer all.