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Diamonds (and Girlfriends) are Forever
(Unlikely Partners, Book 5)

Special Agent Mitchell is feeling the pressure now that his best friend and fellow agent is engaged. He's been dating Sam for almost a year but has yet to pop that all-important question and there’s disappointment in her eyes when he remains mum on the subject.

Samantha Arnold is a woman on a mission. If her man won't take that next step, then she'll just ask him to marry her. Except, things aren't that simple. Somewhere between the euphoria from having a literary agent request her book and picking out a ring for Mitchell, Sam lands in the middle of a hostage situation. Of all the rotten luck.

Finding time alone to discuss their future isn't meant to be as the Arnold family constantly interrupts. Emotions boil over with a bang at the local shooting range, proving once again their lives will never be the same.