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Love and Cold Pie
(Unlikely Partners, Book 2)

Real life crime solving can certainly put a damper on a romance.

The heated dog days of summer are making everyone grumpy. When the biggest gossip in Newburg, Indiana ends up dead—with Sam Arnold's dad the prime suspect—things get hotter. It's been a month and a half since she helped bring down a bad guy. Maybe it's time to try her hand at a new case, especially since her boyfriend is out of town.

Special Agent Mitchell has been saddled with a sexy, driven partner who does things by the book. Cutting corners or covering shortcuts with charm doesn't work on her. He misses brainstorming with his spunky sidekick, and now that her dad's reputation is on the line, the pressure's on. Evading his watchdog and snooze-fest new assignment is top priority. Too bad his professional butt is on probation.

Time's running out for Sam and Mitchell to solve the crime while clues go as cold. The heat he's battling from his new partner’s "hand's on" tactics might bring their budding romance to a boil, but they’ll need to work things out before an unlikely killer throws cold water on all their plans.