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Treasured by the Earl
(Lords of the Night, Book 4)

He's tormented by guilt and memories, but cannot forget... Evan Michael Sedgewyck, ninth Earl of Coventry, is doomed to walk the earth as a dragon-shifter, but it's his actions that have caused his own personal hell. Beastly half aside, he's been a widower for seven years, and the moment he decides to attend a ball and perhaps enter the Marriage Mart again, he stumbles into a woman he once thought dead—his wife. Yet the anger he carries doesn’t diminish.

She's searching for answers, but doesn't remember... Miss Damaris Sheffield—Victoria—is looking forward to her next paid position as a governess, but when a handsome stranger pulls her aside at a masquerade, calls her by another woman's name and kisses her soundly, she begins to wonder. After rebuffing him and denying his claims, she discovers she truly is the earl's wife, has a young son, and has been essentially missing for years. The knowledge does nothing to soothe her anxiety attacks.

Finding love a second time in order to save their marriage... As Evan and Victoria butt heads during a new courtship period, they're both forced to delve into secrets of their past and confront old fears. Heat between them grows, bringing acceptance and understanding, but only deep, abiding love can fix what's broken. They'll have to defeat a surprising threat and fight for a happily ever after... if they believe the romance is worth healing the pain.