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Imperfect in Peridot
(Colors of Scandal, Book 17)

Searching for answers... Lady Evalina Dunston, daughter of the Earl of Hallewell, has lived a quiet life for years at her father’s country estate, for it was her beloved husband’s last request that she hide herself away to evade the dangerous people he used to ferret out during the war. The last thing she wants is an attraction to the intriguing military man asking for work.

Distracted by forbidden desire... Captain Christopher Mowbray is down on his luck. After an injury put an end to his cavalry career, he’s knocked about England searching for purpose. Now, needing a paying job, he stuck around a rich nob’s property hoping to become a jack of all trades. What he didn’t expect was the instant desire for the pretty widow.

Dodging threats to their lives... While they struggle to deny the tension between them, danger has them in its sights, and when two attempts on the lady’s life fail, the intrigue surrounding her grows. As forced proximity gives way to passionate meetings, they race to discover the secret information she knows. Clever plots and daring deeds might foil the assassins, for only then can they explore the romance they both desperately want. If they survive.